Saturday, 15 March 2014

Tips on Identifying the Best IT Training Institutes in Your Neighbourhood

I worked as a Senior Project Manager for several IT organizations in the past and I used to join several forums whenever I find some time to share my experience. In some of the forums, job seekers or someone who is looking for an IT training post questions like "can I join a particular institute", "Will it be worth taking training for a particular organization", "will I get a job if I take it from "ABC" institute? These type of questions are answered by other members. These questions and answers prompted me to write an article and share few tips which will be helpful in identifying and zeroing on the best training institutes in your neighborhood regardless of where you reside in this globe.
Before going into the nuances and detailed discussion regarding this, I would like to clarify the difference between Training and Education as some folks believe both are almost the same. According to Wikipedia, "Training is providing information and directions in a planned and structured manager on how to accomplish specific tasks related to a particular subject. However education, unlike training provides information & guidance in an organized manner about concepts and knowledge, both general and specific, of all kinds." This definition clearly show the difference between Training and Education. Education helps us to understand more about a particular topic. However Training helps us to get used to perform specific tasks related to particular topic. In that perspective if you are a job seeker or if you want to learn a new technology, Training is essential to make you ready.
Based on my experience and interaction with several best Training Institutes, I think that the below tips which are mentioned below would help you to find a best IT Training Institute:
Mode of training - Some Institutes offer class room B.Tech Summer Internship 2014 , some offer virtual Training and even some offer Blended Mode, which means combination of both Class room and Virtual Training. You are required to enquire and know in detail about the mode of Training and to see how it fits into your schedule before making your decision.
Trainer credentials - The credentials of the trainers is a key component to be ascertained while selecting an institute because most of your time will be spent with the trainer. If the trainer does not possess the updated and advanced knowledge in a particular area, you will not be in position to gain more out of it. Try asking questions using "who", "where", "what" and "how" to know more about the trainer's experience in the subject matter.

Quality of Training - The Institute should have a very good and sound curriculum, lab facility and they should provide unlimited access wherever possible to ensure that the students get the expected outcome. I would recommend you visit the institute, check their curriculum, and inquire about their track record to find more of the quality which they offer.
Accessibility: Next is accessibility. It is imperative that the accessibility of the Institute should be taken into account. You should find out whether it is easily accessible from where you live or work. For example, if you live in New York and want to take Training by commuting everyday to New Jersey, it is a good idea when the toil you put in is beneficial and very crucial for your future career prospects. Therefore it is essential to have a detailed look at the transportation facilities and the time taken for commuting when to you select an Institute for your training.
Course Fee: You also need to have a look into the fee specified for the course when selecting an Institute. I know some organizations charge more as there is a prevailing myth that, if the fee is less, it is quite clear that the organization offers low quality Training. Inquire about the institutions which offer similar courses and compare the prices. Try to find out which Institute has the reasonable price. Reasonable price is not necessarily the lowest price but which is high enough to cover the seller's cost with a reasonable margin. There is no hard and fast rule which determines the course fee. I would suggest you considering the course fee also when selecting an institute.
Placement Assistance - If you are a job seeker, having a discussion and checking the details available with them about placement assistance or placement assurance would help you to make a decision. Placement assistance is a form of help provided to job seekers by offering them various and variety of sources till they find a job. It generally includes a combination of career counselling, skill assessment, guidance to prepare resume, guidance to prepare for an interview and sharing of job openings from many organizations till they get a job. On the other hand if you sign up for placement assured training, you will be getting a job after completion of Training. Placement Assured Training is costlier than placement assistant Training, but it is of great worth preferring this as an option.
Any other free services - Finally find out if there is any other free services which they offer. I am aware that few Institutes send latest trends, job openings, advance technology related articles via email to the trainees to help them come up in their career. For example, let us say if you take Android/IOS training or cloud computing training, if the training provider sends frequent updates about mobile development trends and job opportunities that is an additional advantage for you. So find out the list of free services they offer.