Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Important aspects of an internship program

A university or Business School that is keen on a comprehensive internship program will have to make concerted efforts to help students gain experience in highly competitive organizations. Their fresh ideas, unique perspectives and fundamental knowledge are important assets that can help shape the future of an organization. The Internship Program for interns has to be designed to provide students with the opportunity to work on meaningful assignments and gain real-world experience. Real-world experience will be aligned to the courses studied by students. Such experience is of vital importance to students in two main areas:

1. Gain Valuable Work Experience in the Chosen Field of Interest
An internship is a great way to gain hands on work experience, develop specific skills and knowledge as well as to network with people from the students' chosen field. Moreover, employers assess the skills and abilities of prospective employees by evaluating their previous experience. Students pursue career-related opportunities prior to graduation, thereby, obtaining an edge over other candidates in the competitive job market. A dedicated hard working student should impress the employer to the ultimate aim of gainful employment towards the end of the internship tenure.

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2. Decision on Right Careers Prior to Graduation
An internship provides a more accurate picture of what individuals do in certain professions. After experiencing a particular job environment and observing what it entails, students may decide if this is the right career for them.

The internship should be compulsory for all final year students of various disciplines. It has to be of a minimum duration of six consecutive weeks.

Executive students should be exempted from the internship program since they are already working employees.

Through a combination of real life experience and academic coursework, the university must offer a unique insight into the world of business, providing both tangible and intangible benefits:

1.Students gain practical training and real life, hands-on work experience.
2. Learn about the dynamic world of business.
3. Explore and develop career options.
4. Enhance their resumes and improve their marketability.
5. Learn about living and working with persons from varied backgrounds
6. Develop new skills and competencies

Students should be required to explain in their research report how the internship enriched their learning by identifying theories and concepts studied in class and their application in relation to their experience in the organization of internship. Reports should be provided to faculty through the Internship Department and graded by the concerned faculty in the area in which the student is majoring. Certain credit hours should be allotted for passing internship grades.