Thursday, 8 May 2014

Internship for Computer Engineeres

Are you passionate about technology? Do you like solving problems? Do you have a deep ambition to create something new and change the world? If you answered yes to these questions, computer engineering is the career path for you. This article is all about this branch of engineering and its scope. So, keep reading!
Unlike its hardware counterpart (Electronics and Communication Engineering), computer engineering focuses completely on software. Throughout their four years of university education, students of this field learn about the general design, creation, and maintenance of system as well as application software. With a deep focus on software algorithms and coding, this branch of engineering is certainly challenging and fun if you have a deep interest in, and passion for, computers.
Why study computer engineering?
This field can indeed be a very fruitful one for those who know their way around it. Here are some reasons why:
1. Financial Security:
There are records of computer engineers finding jobs in companies as large as Microsoft and Google. There are also professionals of this field who earn thousands of dollars every month working freelance. Moreover, there is a widely held belief that computer engineering students are the quickest in getting a job as soon as they finish their university education. Furthermore, the chances of finding a part time job or internship even during one's university days is very high as compared to other branches of engineering.
2. Self-employment:
If you are one of those people who don't like working for others and want to be self-employed, no other other field comes even close to offering the sort of self-employment opportunities that IT professionals get. From making money by blogging, to creating websites for business owners; from providing billing software for schools, to selling useful apps for mobiles, these are all opportunities that a capable professional can get after or even before getting a degree.

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3. Job Satisfaction:
Most computer engineering students will tell you that they can't even imagine studying anything else. This is because most students who choose this field choose it because of their deep passion for the world of software and technology. Being able to work in the field that one has passion for is a gratifying experience in itself. Moreover, when a piece of software that you created changes the way a person worked, and makes that person's life a little bit better, it is the most satisfying moment of a computer engineer's life.
4. Value to society:
This is the age of technology. Today technology has entered every facet of day to day life. It is no longer possible to imagine the world without technology. IT professionals play a great role in the innovation and progress of modern technology. The technological progress of a country and contribution of the country to the global technological phenomenon depends almost entirely on the computer professionals there. So, when one considers the big picture, computer engineers are a very important pillar of the modern society.
Is computer engineering for you?
Not everybody who dives into this field manages to become a successful professional. Due to this, the very image of computer professionals has become a bit tarnished. So, before deciding to dive into this field, a student must think deeply about his/her interests and aptitude.
The following questions must be pondered over:
  • Do you have a passion for computers and technology as a whole?
  • Do you like solving puzzles and having to think in an original way?
  • Do you prefer subjects where you have to think for yourself to those involving memorization and understanding of fixed subject matter?
  • Would you be willing to work for 8 hours a day in front of a computer screen?
  • Have you learned any type of programming language? If so, do you like programming and see yourself as a computer programmer in the future?
  • Are you willing to be a student throughout your life in order to stay updated with the ever-changing world of technology?
If your answer to these questions was a resounding "yes", then come aboard! The amazing world of software awaits you.
For those who manage to become successful in this field, the rewards and possibilities are simply boundless. The sky is the limit. In fact, many of the world's leading billionaires are related to the field of technology. Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft, and Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, are perhaps the most common examples.

Computer engineering as a field is always evolving and changing. Unlike the more traditional branches of engineering, which change very slowly and are more or less static, computer engineering is extremely dynamic. So, it is a field for innovators and thinkers. So, if you want to ride the technology train; if you desire to make a difference; if you have an ambition to become an innovator, computer engineering Summer Training in Jaipur is definitely the path for you.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

An Overview on Ethical Hacking

Does the word hacking scare you? Ironically it is hacking but legal hacking that is doing us good. If this is your first article on hacking then surely you will get some potential insight on hacking after reading this. My article gives a simple overview on ethical hackers.

The term ethical hacker came into surface in the late 1970s when the government of United States of America hired groups of experts called 'red teams' to hack its own hardware and software system. Hackers are cyber criminals or online computer criminals that practice illegal hacking B.Tech Summer Internship in Jaipur
. They penetrate into the security system of a computer network to fetch or extract information.

Technology and internet facilitated the birth and growth of network evils like virus, anti-virus, hacking and ethical hacking. Hacking is a practice of modification of a computer hardware and software system. Illegal breaking of a computer system is a criminal offence. Recently a spurt in hacking of computer systems has opened up several courses on ethical hacking.

A 'white hat' hacker is a moral hacker who runs penetration testing and intrusion testing. Ethical hacking is legally hacking a computer system and penetrating into its database. It aims to secure the loopholes and breaches in the cyber-security system of a company. Legal hacking experts are usually Certified Ethical Hackers who are hired to prevent any potential threat to the computer security system or network. Courses for ethical hacking have become widely popular and many are taking it up as a serious profession. Ethical hacking courses have gathered huge responses all over the world.
The moral hacking experts run several programs to secure the network systems of companies.
  • A moral hacker has legal permission to breach the software system or the database of a company. The company that allows a probe into its security system must give a legal consent to the moral hacking school in writing.

  • Moral hackers only look into the security issues of the company and aim to secure the breaches in the system.

  • The school of moral hackers runs vulnerability assessment to mend loopholes in the internal computer network. They also run software security programs as a preventive measure against illegal hacking

  • Legal hacking experts detect security weakness in a system which facilitates the entry for online cyber criminals. They conduct these tests mainly to check if the hardware and software programs are effective enough to prevent any unauthorized entry.

  • The moral experts conduct this test by replicating a cyber attack on the network in order to understand how strong it is against any network intrusion.

  • The vulnerability test must be done on a regular basis or annually. The company must keep a comprehensive record of the findings and checking for further reference in the future.
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