Tuesday, 7 October 2014

How to Find a Summer Internship

The question "How to find a summer internship?" is often quite stressful. You have your studies to worry about and don't have enough time to look for an internship until you look at your calendar and you realize that you have only 1 month left to find a summer internship that have to both please you and fit the requirements of your school/university.

To Know More Summer Internship

So you start feeling the pressure, go and surf on the internet and you end up losing a loot of time. OK you will find a summer internship, but after all, you're like "why is it such a headache?", "do I really have to waste hours on the internet to find it?" If you want to find a summer internship, whether a summer or any kind of work experience, that's easy, what requires preparation and some work is to find one that you will enjoy.
There are 6 things you must care about if you want to be efficient in your research:
1. What are you looking for? Which sector? In which country? Which tasks?...
2. Your CV
3. Your cover letter
4. Which internship search websites are worth a visit
5. How to use your network? (and we all have one, believe me)
6. Your interview
The first thing, which is of utmost importance, is often neglected, especially for summer internships, since we think: I don't want to bother (i.e. think) to much, it's just for 3 months..." but it is a mistake. You have to know what you want to do to find it.
So don't be too open, focus, focus and focus on what you want so that you can find a summer internship that will bring value to your skills, knowledge and CV.
I learnt a lot from my mistakes, and I saw the other side while working as a recruiter for a company. So I know how it works and want you to benefit from my experience to avoid the mistakes I did, gain time and be able to proudly and loudly "Yes I did!" to the 10-time-a-day-asked-by-mum question: "did you finally find your summer internship?"

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