Monday, 21 September 2015

Winter Internships Allow Engineering Students to Get Prosperous Jobs by Reshmi Agarwal

Winter Internship is like a pre-professional experience which helps students to get trained according to the modern industrial requirements. Read on to understand its importance in the present world.
Before the hit of recession, leading MNCs and IT-Giants used to visit several colleges for hiring the deserving candidates through placements. Since the hard hit of global recession there is a negative impact upon these IT firms and the present scenario speaks a different language. Today, the graduates of engineering had to pass through several stages of struggle for finding a good job as per the expectations of the companies and qualifications of the students. The entire explanation can be confined to a single statement i.e. don't just depend on placements for getting a job.
With the increase in number of engineering colleges in India, there is a steep rise in the number of engineering graduates. Due to this there exists a huge demand of engineering jobs. In order to make your place in this competitive environment, you need to increase your quality so as to prove yourself a deserving candidate for a job.
With the growth of too many private engineering institutes in India, it has been noticed that the quality of education offered to the young minds is not up to the mark. The urgent need of the hour is to improve the academic skills of the students and make them eligible to meet the current industrial needs.

There is only one way to kill the above mentioned problems of getting a suitable job and that is an internship. Internships for engineering students are offered at a lot of institutes. Such training programmes act as pre-professional experience which helps you to gain in-depth knowledge about the kind of work required in an industry.
Any student who has completed MCA or B.Tech can join MCA Winter internship programmes. Al these programmes are typically designed to prepare students as per the current industrial standards. During the training, you will learn about the up-to-the-date technologies and the ways of implementing the same into various applications. You will gather professional experience of working in a team on different projects. Not only this, you will also get a chance to work with talented professionals who will guide you with their inbound knowledge and experience.
WebTek Labs offers 6 months Winter Training to the technical as well as non technical students. Being an IBM authorized training center, it holds a strong reputation in the market of education. On completion of the internship, students are offered IBM certification which not only increases their value but also widens the scope of lucrative jobs for them. If you want to opt for an industrial training from this institute, contact the training executives and join the winter sessions.
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