Monday, 27 April 2015

Finding Summer Internships For Practical Work Experience

Internships are the ideal way for a student to gain work experience and develop contacts within a particular job or industry. Finding summer internships when in high school is not difficult, but the student needs to know where to look. It is important to do some research and start inquiring well before spring, in order to secure the position before school ends.
Who Offers High School Internships?
Some organizations offer formal internship programs for high schoolers. These are usually provided to students residing within the local vicinity. Organizations such as Microsoft, the Smithsonian, and the Museum of Modern Art have these programs. However, so do smaller corporations within less urban areas, so students should inquire at local businesses. Students who have a particular career in mind should check with an association specializing in this field. Though the group may have a non-local national headquarters, it may also have local chapters or informal groups that can connect the student with summer work opportunities in the field.
Not Posted? Interns May Still Be Available For Those That Ask
Even companies that do not have formal internship programs may have sporadic needs for summer interns. Students should check the Web sites for these companies or place a call to their human resources representatives. They should also inquire whether friends and neighbors know of anyone seeking interns for the summer. Word of mouth is a great way to find out about such opportunities and the person referring the student can serve as a reference.
Don't Overlook Government Internships
Students seeking paid summer internships should also check with local city and county government offices. They often need temporary help during the summer and the job may entail more than just pushing paper. Some city and county zoos offer students opportunities conducting tours or educational sessions regarding the animals. Students should also look online for opportunities and inquire at the company that employs their parents. Companies may prefer offering unpaid summer internships to children of employees rather than strangers.
Still Not Finding One....Create One For Yourself
Students who have a particular area of interest can approach companies and government agencies with a proposal to create their own internship opportunity. The organization may be so impressed by the effort put into the proposal, they will create an intern position for the student. This may pave the way for the development of a more formal program in later years.
You Can Do It...Just Do This....
Summer internships can be found using these methods and other professional job search tools. The student will need to be self-confident enough to inquire with local businesses and government offices and not be afraid of rejection. The search may just yield an opportunity that sets the course for the career of the student's dreams.
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